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A commitment to training

Houston Harris Division Patrol Inc. commitment to training is known inside and outside of the security services industry.  Houston Harris Security Academy (HHSA) is the corporation’s training division.  It was established five years ago, Houston Harris Division Patrol Inc. saw a need to train real life scenarios, and improve customer service skills to our guards as well as to the industry.  The Academy is unparalleled in the industry as providing the best training and training support to it’s customers.

At HHDP, we subscribe to the concept of internal and external customer support. Our internal customers are our officers as well as our headquarters’ personnel.  Our external customers are the corporation’s clients throughout the Industry, and others who seek out the Academy’s training services directly.  Our basic assumption is that we cannot adequately serve our external customers without first serving our internal customers.  In simple terms, we recognize that quality training is essential to quality service.

Let Houston Harris Division Patrol Inc., give you the edge…

Houston Harris Division Patrol Inc. offers training appropriate to today’s new competitive standards.  Your organization can take steps now to turn training to your competitive advantage. Training only 10% of your workforce is not enough.  We offer cost effective, efficient programs that make it possible to train the entire workforce.

Level 2 and level 3 commission classes run weekly from Tuesday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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